Marriage, like the vehicles we drive, need maintenance and attention to keep it running at peak efficiency. Poor relational habits can create ruts in a relationship which become obstacles in our marriage. In many cases, the solution to marriage problems is simply making minor adjustments. However, if the problem is not addressed properly, what would have required a minor fix, becomes a major issue.

Why Hire a Marriage Coach?

Coaches are hired for various reasons. A marriage coach can help a couple by giving objective analysis and feedback, which the couple can implement for the success of their marriage. A marriage coach can help you:

  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Identify obstacles and what is causing problems in your relationship
  • Develop a solution based approach that is Biblical
  • Implement the solution with a practical plan of action

Our Marriage Tune Up Package includes:

  1. Couple Assessment (a$35.00 value)
  2. 3 –  50-minute private coaching sessions ($300.00 value) Sessions can be done once a week
  3. A Practical Plan of Action to guide you as a couple

Skype Sessions Available

Regular Price $299.00

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