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The Marriage Budget provides a logical, God-centered strategy to improving your relationship. Make sense of your relational currency with this hands-on approach.

Marriage Management focuses on balancing your Marriage Budget, which has nothing to do with money! Through open communication and an honest look at your circumstances, you can get out of the red as a couple and instead invest in a healthy and growing relationship.

After reading this book, you’ll be able to

·         Increase how you invest in your marriage
·         remove unnecessary relational expenses
·         set aside resources for necessary expenses
·         address marital debts in a caring and constructive way.

Inside this book is a worksheet that you and your spouse will complete separately. Your individual answers will illuminate each other’s perception of the relationship, where your resources are going, and what expenses you both have. Then you’ll come together and use the insights to intentionally strengthen your marriage.

This book is perfect for a small group study. It provides Group Discussion questions to foster group involvement.

Two individuals working in one accord to love each other and serve the Lord is a beautiful thing. However, we’re all sinners in need of guidance and clarification at times. Make sense of your marriage with the visual tools created by Tim Russo.


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