Relinquishing Control: When God Doesn’t Obey

Jesus instructed us to pray. He said the Father would hear us and grant our requests. Yet, there are instances when we have prayed our eyes dry and begged God for a certain thing, and He seemingly does nothing. When prayer is a vehicle to inform God of what He should do; when prayer sounds more like worrying and fretting than faith; when we become frustrated with God because He didn’t answer or respond the way we expected, we must face the sad reality: we want to be in control. We want to be God. Like Martha, Mary’s sister, the desire for control throws it shadow on circumstances, people, and even God. How can we relinquish control and surrender to the Sovereign Lord? How should I respond to Him when he doesn’t obey me? The question may sound strange, yet it sheds a bright light on a very dark reality we all struggle with. There is peace in surrender.

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