Marriage Management

Marriage Management Workshop

A Practical Approach to Marital Fulfillment 

God created marriage and it is designed to work according to His design. When we attempt to use marriage for purposes for which it is not designed, we end up in disappointment or disillusionment. Many Christian couples desire a fulling marriage. They know their marriage should reflect Christ. Yet, practically living out that belief can be challenging. Marriage is not only a beautiful gift from God, it is a stewardship. And as stewards, we are to manage it and see that it is as healthy as possible.

The Marriage Management Workshop is a simple but practical concept that helps couples see their marriage on paper. The Marriage Budget (which has nothing to do with money) will help couples:

  • put their marriage in perspective
  • develop practical ways of understanding and applying Biblical principles to their relationship.
  • identify and increase Income Sources (things that add to your marriage and increase connection)
  • assess and manage Necessary Expenses (things that require resources, but are necessary)
  • discover and remove Unnecessary Expenses (things that use up resources but can be removed)
  • identify and address Marital Debt (unresolved issues that requires current resources)
  • discover ways of making Investments into other couples, which turn into Income
  • learn to use the Marriage Budget Worksheet to experience optimal fulfillment in your marriage

The Marriage Management workshop will help you and your spouse become intentional about growing as a couple.

Session One – Assessing Your Marital Picture
· Take an honest look at your relationship
· Explore the essential elements of a growing and fulfilling marriage
· Identify some unnecessary liabilities that work against you

Session Two – Managing Your Marriage Pt. 1
· Marriage Budgeting–Stewardship
· Identify and Assess Income Sources for your Relationship
· Identify and assess Necessary Expenses
· Identify and getting rid of Unnecessary Expenses

Session Three – Managing Your Marriage Pt. 2
· Addressing Marital Debt Appropriately
<· Identifying Issues that Exhaust your Resources
· Developing a Plan to resolve Conflict

Session Four – Developing a Plan
· Developing a customized Marriage Management Plan
· Finding Agreement on what is best for your Marriage
· Developing a Marriage Budget

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Power of Attitudes

Session One – The Anatomy of an Attitude
· Attitudes shape how we interact with ourselves and others
· Your Attitude determines your success or failure
· Attitudes can be Changed

Session Two – Recognizing Tendencies
· Certain Attitudes are more Familiar
· Assessing Your Beliefs
· Addressing Bad Habits

Session Three – The Importance of Honesty
· Speaking the Truth in Love
· Love is a Choice
· Facing the Truth

Session Four – Assuming Responsibility
· The Dark Side of Manipulation
· Facing the Truth about Passivity

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Manage Anxiety, Stress, and Worry

Session One – Understanding Anxiety, Stress, and Worry
· Common causes
· Roots of Anxiety, Stress, and Worry

Session Two – Managing Anxiety, Stress, and Worry
· Understanding Your Tendencies
· Spiritual and Emotional Preparation
· Practical Preparation- Managing Circumstances

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Understanding and Dealing with Depression

Session One – Understanding Depression

· Different from Discouragement
· Common Symptoms and Causes
· Depression in Scripture
· Misconceptions of Depression
· How Circumstantial Depression Occurs

Session Two – Dealing with Depression Biblically

· Life Orientation: Feelings vs. Commandment
· Identifying Self Talk
· Managing Your Mind
· Practical Help for Addressing Depression
· Q&A and Project

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Marriage Covenant

Session One – What is a Covenant?
· What is the Purpose of Marriage?
· Should Marriage make me Happy?
· What does “One Flesh” mean?

Session Two – The Foundation of Marriage
· The Three “Cs” of Marriage
· Why Do I Need to Change?
· How Divorce Affects the Marriage Covenant?

Session Three – The Purpose of Marriage
· Why Am I Married?
· What is Companionship?
· A Steward of Your Spouse

Session Four – Moving Toward Oneness
· Three Phases of Building your Marriage
· The Practical Side of Becoming One
· Moving from Mine to Ours

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Winning in the Workplace Challenge

Relational Development Workshop

Learn why successful relationships help build successful careers and lives based on these three fundamental premises:

1. All people desire happy, healthy, and safe relationships.
2. All people function better in a team environment.
3. Relationship quality is a matter of choice.

Priority Parenting

Session One – Why am I a Parent?

How you answer this question will determine your overall approach to parenting your child. We will take a biblical view of the complexity of parenting and discover a proper understanding of why we have been given children.

Session Two – Parenting Priorities

In this session, we will look at the importance of parental unity and explore the roles of moms and dads and the benefits of functioning as a team. We will discover the most critical aspect of parenting—character training.

Session Three – Influences

Who or what has the most influence when it comes to your child? We will examine how children are influenced by culture and others while identifying the most common obstacles to character development.

Session Four – Practical Child Training

In addition to developing a loving approach to child training, you will learn the significance of developing a respectful relationship with your child. We will examine how instruction and loving discipline are used to give a child direction and security.

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Communication in Marriage

Session One – The Basics
· Communication Defined
· Purpose of Communication
· The Goal of Communication
· Pursuing Practical Oneness

Session Two – Skills and Tools
· Essential Components to Communication
· Communication Guidelines—Learning and Applying Them

Session Three – Understanding Conflict
· The Origin of Conflict
· The Need for Conflict
· Obstacles to Overcome

Session Four – Resolving Conflict
· Personal Responsibility
· Dealing with the Past
· Issuing a Proper Apology
· Biblical Forgiveness
· Rebuilding Trust

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Soul Stewardship Seminair

Soul Stewardship: Overcoming Soul Wounds

Schedule: 830am – 4:00pm

Cost: Single Discount: $69.00 per person (normally $99.00)
Group Discount: $59.00 per person (4 or more in a group)

Call 210.636.1776 for group registrations

Seminar Description

This objective of this workshop is help people accept the responsibility for the condition of their soul. Jesus came to “save souls.” This doesn’t only refer to regeneration and Justification, it refers to healing and wholeness. And like all aspects of sanctification, God invites us to participate in the process. Thus, our soul (thought life, emotions, affection, conscience, heart, etc.) needs attention and stewardship. Stewardship includes the awareness of what feeds and encourages our soul and what damages and weakens it. Soul wounds have power over us because they lurk in the shadows. As we embrace our identity in Christ, we transfer our loyalties from familiar lies to the Truth that sets us free. And, in the process experience healing and wholeness.

Session One – Getting to Know Yourself

· Understanding the Soul
· The Soul Before Christ
· How Your Soul is Wounded
· Recognizing Blind Spots

Session Two – Taking Responsibility for Your Soul
– Coping with Wounds without the Gospel – Surviving
– Identifying Negative Coping Skills
– Stopping the Chaos
– Treating Yourself Well

Session Three – The Truth (the Gospel) and Healing/Wholeness

– Born Again and the Wounded Soul
– Soul Transformation (Becoming Emotionally Healthy)
– Confronting Lies with the Truth
– The Repentance Process and Soul Care

Session Four – Managing Your Soul (Budgeting)

– Develop a Personal Plan for Growth
– Identifying Income Sources
– Identifying Necessary and Unnecessary Expenses
– Identifying and Addressing Soul Debt (unresolved Inner Conflicts)
– Living Life Differently

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